Durga Puja (10/17) and Fall Foliage (10/12-10/26)

This Saturday (10/17) Durga Puja at 11am

We will be celebrating Navaratri on Saturday with a traditional puja,flower offerings, homa fire and prasad meal. Festivities begin at 11am but you may arrive at any time. We are inviting our bhajan and kirtan singer friends to make offerings.If you do,please choose songs that all may sing. All are welcome to attend. This year we are short-handed so we are looking for friends to volunteer during both Durga and Kali Puja in November. Please let us know if you wish to help out.

Fall Foliage for the next two weeks

Fall is possibly the most beautiful time here at Ridgely. This week and next the fall foliage will be at its most beautiful. Fall is also one of the most busy times for us as we prepare our grounds for winter. There are many tasks to be done in October and November-raking leaves, setting up deer fences,putting up storm windows, cleaning roof gutters etc.This year we are quite short-handed thanks to injuries, absences and departures of our staff members I am looking for able and willing volunteers to help me (Gitaprana) with these tasks. Please let me know if you would like to help out.

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