Day Visits
All are welcome to pay a day visit to Vivekananda Retreat, Ridgely, but you must call to arrange your visit at least a day in advance. Please contact us. The minister and other residents may be away or otherwise occupied and it would be unfortunate for anyone to make the trip and not be able to visit the Retreat. Follow this link for directions to Ridgely, and travel information.

For all day visits, please call (845) 687-4574 at least one day in advance to arrange your visit.

Extended Visits

Retreats longer than two weeks can be made only with the permission of the minister in charge. You must arrange your visit at least 5 days in advance. Please fill out the retreat application at the bottom of this page.

Suggested Donation

Maintaining the Ridgely buildings and land is expensive. Keeping guests also is expensive. Therefore we have to ask those who stay at the Retreat to help us defray our costs. The amount we ask helps, but it really covers only a fraction of our essential yearly expenses. The major portion of our operating expenses come from generous donations from many people. If those that have the means wish to give more than our requested fee, that will be very gratefully received as it will help to keep Ridgely operating and developing.

One to six nights: $65/night
One week: $300 ($30 for each additional night)
Two weeks: $450

For those who really don’t have the means to pay, we can usually offer a work-exchange, but that must be arranged before arriving. A work-exchange is not for those who can afford to pay but would rather not.


If you are interested in staying at Ridgely, please fill out the Retreat Application Form by clicking here.

One thought on “Visit”

  1. I stayed at the Vivekananda retreat for a couple of nights. It is a beautiful place for introspection and shutting off from the day today mundane activities. It feels as if the great swami Vivekananda’s memories and presence permeate the whole house. The shrine is soothing and peaceful, and the rendition of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s eternal words by Rev. Pravrajika Shuddhatmapranaji are indeed soulful. I also attended Rev. Pravrajika Gitapranaji’s classes during my stay. The classes are marked for mutual beneficially spiritual discussions and in the end there is always something for everyone to take back and think over it. Bill as a resident and a devotee renders his service in the best possible way. Thanks all.

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