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  Please call us to schedule a visit. As we do not have someone designated to give tours, please call a day in advance to schedule a tour. Please give us at least 5 days advance notice if you wish to stay overnight. We are open on a daily basis from 9-7. Please be aware that we do close promptly at 7pm unless we are having an evening program. Please click here to read our latest announcements.

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Ridgely Will Remain Closed Until Further Notice

Dear Friends,

After giving it much thought, we have decided to keep Vivekananda Retreat closed for the rest of the season. If something changes we will let you know. Even though the states in the NE, including NY, have managed to control the Covid-19 virus, there are still localized outbreaks of the virus that make re-o ...Continue Reading

Posted on September 1, 2020

Ridgely's 2019 Retreat Season Draws to a Close

We are at the end of our scheduled retreats for this year. Our regular class on Sunday at 10:30am will continue until snow and ice compel us to close the retreat, usually later on in the year or even in January. We would like to thank all our local friends who have helped us this year. These wonderful volunteers have helped us with puja and retreat preparations, transportation, outside property ...Continue Reading
Posted on November 1, 2019