Welcome to Ridgely

  Please call us to schedule a visit. As we do not have someone designated to give tours, please call a day in advance to schedule a tour. Please give us at least 5 days advance notice if you wish to stay overnight. We are open on a daily basis from 9-7. Please be aware that we do close promptly at 7pm unless we are having an evening program. Please click here to read our latest announcements.

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Visiting Ridgely This year we are happy to report that we have had more visitors than ever before. The local community has been using the retreat as a quiet place to walk, sit outside, or to meditate in the shrine. We have many people coming for tours and a growing number of overnight guests.  Here is a FAQ about visiting the retreat for those who ...Continue Reading
Posted on August 7, 2023

Ice Storm Disaster Feb. 2022

As many of you know, our area suffered a disastrous ice storm in the beginning of February. Weighed down by almost an inch of ice, branches and even entire trees came crashing to the ground every 30 seconds for 24 hours. Both the Manor House and the Casino had the power lines torn away from the house by falling branches. Almost the entire village of Stone Ridge was without power. Nearly all local ...Continue Reading
Posted on March 28, 2022