Vivekananda Retreat is Open/ Kali Puja Oct.24 6pm

It is Fall here at Ridgely. It seems like we will have a gorgeous leaf season.We are open for overnight guests and day visitors until snow/ice force us to close for the winter. Please follow there guidelines:

You must be vaccinated and masked at all times

Overnight guests need to make reservations at least 2 weeks in advance. We require overnight guests to take a home Covid test before arrival.

Day visitors need to make an appointment at least a day in advance. Many of our visitors believe Ridgely is a museum. No. We live here, so you need to have someone take you on a tour through the main house.

We are not giving tours to drop-in visitors

Kali Puja 

We will be performing our annual Kali Puja at 6-11pm on the amavasya/no moon night, Monday, Oct. 24. This is an elaborate ritual worship of the goddess Dakshina Kali, the dark mother who is the source of all. 

Here is the approximate timing:



Flower Offering: 10pm

Prasad Meal: 10:30pm

You are welcome to attend all or part of this celebration. We are again limiting the number of attendees so you need to register by email or phone. Our phone 3: (845) 687-4574


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