Celebrating Sri Sarada Devi (2014)

Retreat Celebrating Sri Sarada Devi Dec. 13 and 14 Pravrajikas Gitaprana, Shuddhatmaprana and Virajaprana

We will be celebrating the birthday of Sri Sarada Devi with a weekend retreat. Gitaprana and Shuddhatmaprana will be joined by Virajaprana. She is a sister of the Vedanta Society of No. Calif in San Francisco who is taking a few months of retreat with us here at Ridgely. Haha! We put her to work! She is a wonderful speaker and you will be glad that we did.

Here is the schedule for the retreat:

Saturday, Dec. 13

10am Intro 10:15 Pr. Shuddhatmaprana: “A Mother’s Heart” talk followed by discussion

12:30pm LUNCH

1:30pm Pr. Virajaprana “Holy Mother’s Common Sense” talk followed by discussion

3pm group reading and discussion of THE TEACHINGS OF HOLY MOTHER

Sunday, Dec. 14

10am Pr. Gitaprana “Mother in Form, Mother in Everything” talk followed by discussion

11:30 We will all perform a guided mental worship followed by kirtan/bhajan singing.

1:00 LUNCH

All are welcome to attend all or part of this retreat. Please RSVP this week if you are coming. If you are a singer and would like to lead some bhajans or kirtan, we would be glad to have you. All song offerings should be sing-along simple.


Please be aware that, as winter has arrived here at the retreat, we could be compelled to cancel this retreat with short notice due to snow and icy conditions.

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