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Retreat w/Swami Yogatmananda August 30-31

AUGUST 30-31  RETREAT WITH SWAMI YOGATMANANDA VEDANTA AND KABBALAH We are happy to have Swami Yogatmananda, Head Minister of the Vedanta Society of Providence, return for our Labor Day weekend retreat. We are really looking forward to his topic:Vedanta and Kabbalah. Kabbalah is one of the main esoteric, contemplative and mystical teachings of Judaism.  Vedanta […]

August 1-3 Swami Sarvadevananda Yoga Vasistha Retreat

SCHEDULE: Friday, Aug. 1  7pm  Introduction Sat., Aug. 2      10:30-1 first session 1-2:30    lunch 2:30-5  second session Sun. Aug. 3     10:30-1 final session 1pm   lunch   The Yoga Vasistha is an enormous text filled with amazing and mind-bending stories which are intended to illustrate to nature of reality and […]


June 21   7pm Movies With Spirit – “The Life of Pi” Film followed by discussion July 4     12-5 Vedanta Society of NY  July 4 retreat July 18-21 Pravrajika Satchitprana, Sri Sarada Math Retreat on Bhagavad Gita chapter 7-9 August 1-3 Swami Sarvadevananda Retreat on Yoga Vasistha Aug.  30-31 Swami Yogatmananda Retreat on Vedanta and Kabbalah […]

‘The Unaustere Unabashed Love of the Divine” Retreat 4/26-27

Our April retreat will focus on the arts as spiritual practice. Even though the spellchecker tells me that “unaustere” is not grammatically correct, I like it. This word is exactly what I want to convey about the worship of the Divine through visual arts and crafts, music, poetry, and journaling. During this weekend we shall […]

Retreat in Honor of Sri Ramakrishna , March 22-23

Dear Friends, Because of the snow and ice, Vivekananda Retreat will remain closed to all visitors until March 15 when we HOPE some of the snow will be melted and there will be places to park. We have moved the weekend retreat in honor of Sri Ramakrishna to the end of March, Saturday 3/22 and […]

Too much snow here. The retreat is closed until March

This winter has been cold and snowy here at Vivekananda Retreat. There is so much snow piled up that we don’t have any place for cars. Ice is making it treacherous to drive or walk. For this reason we will be closed to all visitors until March. Hope to see you after the snow melts!

Sadhana Intensive January 25 and 26

The word ‘sadhana’ here means a practice which focuses body,heart and mind on Divine Consciousness/God/ Brahman. There are many traditional forms of sadhana such as meditation, self-inquiry, mantra recitation, scriptural study, devotional singing, etc. Ultimately the goal is to transform all our actions in life into sadhana. This can only be accomplished if we take […]

Ridgely featured on the BBC

In January of this year BBC Magazine published a feature on Ridgely, complete with video. Click below to see it.


Due to icy conditions, Ridgely is closed until further notice. December 21-22 Retreat is still scheduled but please check our Website and Facebook for updates.

Retreat: Celebrating the Teachings of Sri Sarada Devi

December 21 and 22   Pravrajikas Gitaprana and Shuddhatmaprana will lead a weekend retreat on the teachings of Sri Sarada Devi with the special focus on how we can live them ourselves. Sometimes the profound and inspiring teachings of the great spiritual leaders seem out of reach for us and we say, “Oh, I can’t […]