Durga Puja and Kali Puja

Durga Puja, Saturday Oct. 16 10:30am-4pm

We will worship the Mother in Her form as Durga. She is personified in the DEVI MAHATMYAM (also known as the CHANDI) as Mahishasura Mardini, the one who vanquishes Mahisha, the demon typically associated with anger, pride and the other negative tendencies of the mind. All are welcome to attend allure part of this celebration. The schedule:
10:30am-noon ritual worship accompanied by chanting and kirtan
Noon-1pm homa fire
1-2pm prasad meal
2pm kirtan by SrutiRam and Ishwari

Kali Puja, Friday Nov. 5 10pm-4am

We will do the traditional worship of the Mother as Dakshina Kali, the fiercely loving Mother personified as Bhavatarini, the one who carries Her devotees across the ocean of existence. This is our largest, most elaborate ceremony of the year, joyful and very high energy. Again, all are welcome to attend all or part of the ceremony. The schedule:
10pm-2am ritual worship accompanied by chanting and kirtan
2-3am homa fire
4am prasad meal

If you wish to bring an offering to either of these pujas, please remember that all offered items must be NEW. Food cannot be from a package that has already been opened or tested by you in advance. If you are offering flowers, please don’t smell them. The idea is that the first enjoyment goes to the Divine. If you would like to make a musical offering during either pug, that would be wonderful. We like to keep songs simple enough so that all may sing along.

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